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Molly A. Wolk

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Culturally Responsive Practices Facilitator
Milwaukee, WI
I am a doctoral student in the Urban Education Doctoral Program (UEDP) at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where I am also a Culturally Responsive Practices Facilitator for a U.S. Department of Education Supporting Effective Educators Development (SEED) grant. My research interests include culturally responsive practices, Tribal Critical Race Theory (TribalCrit), and science education on which I am writing my dissertation. I began working with Indigenous students while serving as a Jesuit Volunteer on the Crow Indian Reservation. I then spent four years teaching secondary science (7th Life Science, 7th/8th Environmental Science, 10th Health, 10th Biology/dual credit, 11th Anatomy & Physiology, and 12th Advanced Biology/dual credit) at a public charter school outside of Boise, Idaho. I then taught three years of post-secondary science (Medical Terminology, Concepts of Biology + Lab, Environmental Science Lab, Science Literature & Environment, Anatomy & Physiology I & II Lab) and STEM education courses (Inquiry Approaches to Teaching and Inquiry-Based Lesson Design) at a 25,000-student community college in Western Idaho. As both a teacher and researcher, my scholarly interests are focused on supporting and illuminating under-represented voices, specifically those voices of Indigenous student and teacher groups.